Bad customer care

I managed to screw up my Skype password, so I headed over to the Skype password reset page to get things resolved. No go. The link failed, on any platform I tried. Got locked out, tried again after 24h, but still nog go. Then chatted to customer service (after some digging to find the link to online chats; they don’t want people to find it easily I guess). Still no go. The password didn’t want to reset. I drew a blank.

Now what?

The thing that struck me as particularly cruel was that there was no way Skype was going to help me. The chat resulted in them telling me that there was nothing they could do for me. And I wasn’t able to resolve the problem either apparently.

Leaving anyone just dangle with no options is bad customer care. Lessen learned? Always provide your customer with a next step, be it somewhere to go, a document to read, a forum to go through, propagate the problem internally, anything.

(*) The problem was a glitch on their end: hotmail accounts are valid for password resets, even if they are not associated to a Skype account. The person in the chat should have been able to tell that that was happening. Once I used the correct e-mail address the issue was resolved.