Shining a Beacon for Science


The World Community Grid (WCG) has surpassed it’s 14th anniversary and asking to write a nice article about the good work they employ.

The World Community Grid has been a beacon for science to people who understand the need of continuing research since it was created in 2004. What started out as a relatively small, short-term proof of concept initiative has grown into a major source of computing power for 29 (and counting) humanitarian scientific research projects. So far, this has led to breakthrough discoveries for childhood cancerwater filtration, and renewable energy, as well as many smaller discoveries that may one day lead to future breakthroughs.

Working together for a better and more connected world is a noble cause and a great moment to bootstrap the blog postings again.

December is traditionally a month of giving back to good causes and since our servers are running on green renewable energy they have been configured to donate their spare CPU cycles to WCG. With the intention to continue support throughout the year.

You can find our statistics here. If one also has hardware running which could donate a few spare cycles of CPU or GPU power, feel free to check out their website.