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Optimal internet connection for cruise ships Due to the success of smartphones and notebooks as a digital travel guide, cruise companies are increasingly demanding that they can offer a good internet connection on board their ships. AnyWi has developed a solution for faster and more reliable internet for Scylla Tours.
This solution is based on its own SigQ router that integrates 4G, 3G, satellite and WiFi communication and automatically chooses the best connection based on availability. This allows the end user to be offered an internet experience with the speed that he experiences at home. The so-called WiFi @ Sea, WiFi @ Cruise or WiFi @ River experience.
The SigQ router virtualizes every connection via bonding to prevent disruptions of, for example, webmail sessions and to further increase the speed.
The next applied innovation is the SIM switcher. Any number of SIMs can be placed in the SigQ router (standard there is room for 8 or 24) that chooses the best connection per country at local rates. This saves high roaming costs.
A SigQ router (pronounced CQ, or 'Seek You') thus provides a much better quality connection for the end user at lower costs.
Product information of the different SigQ variants:

Construction view

AnyWi supplies webcams to visualize construction projects and with that:
- follow the progress of the construction of your new office anywhere;
- archive daily images of the construction in a database;
- Create a time-lapse film to watch how the construction progressed afterwards.
AnyWi facilitates the entire process: preliminary research, installation, connection, archiving and making the videos . The cameras can be managed remotely. Live images are fairly easy to implement on your own website and can be displayed in various places:
- on the website of the client,
- the architect, the contractor,
- the municipality, 
- via screens in a central hall or the visitors center of a town.
Time-lapse videos of the construction can also be used via various channels (youtube, Facebook or Vimeo) and also as a promotional film during an open day or other corporate event. Click here for our webcam projects (in dutch). Contact us without obligation.

Drone Connect

Under development

low energy and smal footprint connectivity module for drone development, features wifi, 5G and 2.4GHZ MULTI-PROTOCOL radio 

IoT Secure Multi Connect Module

Under development

PCB design, component list and software SDK to implement a secure connection module for your IoT equipment

Industrial gateway for IoT 

Under development

Highly secure Edge computer features multiple connectivity standards and protocols, secure and trusted boot enviroment