AnyWi Technologies

AnyWi Technologies provides innovative solutions to securely connect people and technology.

The distinctive character of AnyWi is in years of experience with wireless communication , extensive research experience and an international network of experts . Most projects in which AnyWi is involved are business-critical applications with real-time data processing. In addition, the specialists of AnyWi are both technically and organisationally strong in finding tailor-made solutions for uncommon data communication problems with a keen eye for the future. Applying new technology in a smart way can strengthen your competitive position. Feel free to contact us and be informed about the possibilities.

Henk Uittenbogaard 

has been the director of AnyWi Technologies since its foundation. He is also chairman of the Living Lab foundation that stimulates innovations through active involvement of end users during the design process. As managing director, he was responsible for the Dutch branch of Joost Internet TV (of the founders of Skype). Before that he was director of Blue Cielo Holding BV for fourteen years, market leader in the field of asset management software for engineers. He studied Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design at TU Delft.

Morten Larsen

works in development of human-centered software systems and performs R&D in human factors-related projects. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering from 1994 at the Technical University of Denmark, and has since worked at the JRC, as a consultant on topics related to human factors and interactive training in the aviation domain (ATC and flight crews), alongside more traditional software work.

Rick van der Zwet

is als Project Engineer verantwoordelijk voor het vertalen van de wensen van de klant in technisch passende oplossingen die op tijd geleverd worden. Als systeem engineer bij Cope IPS, Joost en Optiver heeft hij een solide basis gelegd op het gebied van techniek en project management. In zijn vrije tijd is hij actief bij projecten als Stichting Wireless Leiden en FreeBSD. Hij is afgestudeerd aan het LIACS Leiden University op het onderwerp data-mining in telemetrie-data.

Franklin Selgert 

works on projects focused on IoT security. Franklin studied architecture at TU-Delft, in his long career in ICT he worked on the deployment of CAD, internet, and IoT technologies, in sectors like building and marine installations, newspaper, telecom and health-care. As part of his work he was a member of the board of directors of the Open Mobile alliance, chairman of the board of the bmco forum and Chair of the Multimedia Content Delivery workgroup in ETSI. in the early days of internet Franklin co-founded the internet service provider Intermax.