Among the actual trends that will affect society in the coming years, autonomous driving stands out as having the potential to disruptively change the automotive industry as we know it today. As a consequence, this will also highly impact the semiconductor industry and open new market opportunities, since semiconductors play an indispensable role as enablers for automated vehicles. Fully automated driving has been identified as one major enabler to master the Grand Societal Challenges of safe, clean, and efficient mobility. For this, fail-operational behavior is essential in the sense, plan, and act stages of the automation chain in order to handle safety-critical situations by its own, which currently is not reached with state-of-the-art approaches also due to missing reliable environment perception and sensor fusion.

  • Automotive, Reliable connectivity, Low latency

Secure and Agile Connected Things (SCRATCh)

Large-scale IoT systems are difficult to develop and operate in a secure and reliable way. Several platforms exist that promise to deliver the needed technologies and frameworks to integrate devices and backend systems. However, they do not generally address the major concern of IoT systems of tomorrow: Security, adaptability and simple continuous deployment.

  • Industrial secure IoT


The COMP4DRONES project aims to create an ecosystem from application to electronic components, through a tightly integrated multi-vendor and compositional UAV embedded architecture solution and a tool chain complementing the compositional architecture principles..

  • Avionic grade connectivity, low latency


Our involvement in Advanced Research and our work with clients condensed in the development of some missing links, products, software and reference designs.

  • Hardware based security

Finished projects


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