Anywhere connecting to the internet 

Optimal internet connection for cruise ships


Reliable internet connection

Due to the success of smartphones and notebooks as a digital travel guide, cruise companies are increasingly demanding that they can offer a good internet connection on board their ships.


Multi Protocol and bonding

The SiqQ router can setup connection over different carriers and multiple providers and bond the connection for higher speeds. connections over 3G,4G and Satelite are possible


Least cost routing

If multiple providers are provisioned, a smart algorithm can select the cheapest route based on location.

Customer solution Construction view

Webcams to visualize and watch over construction projects


End to end solution to

- Follow the progress of the construction anywhere.
- Archive daily images of the construction in a database.
- Create a time-lapse film afterwards.
- Publish images on your own or other websites.


Blikken op de bouw facilitates the entire process: 

AnyWi facilitates the entire process: preliminary research, installation, connection, archiving and making the videos . The cameras can be managed remotely. Live images are fairly easy to implement on your own website and can be displayed in various places connections over 3G,4G and Satelite are possible


Promotion of your project

Time-lapse videos of the construction can also be used via various channels (youtube, Facebook or Vimeo) and also as a promotional film during an open day or other corporate event. Contact us without obligation.


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