Construction view

AnyWi supplies webcams to visualize construction projects and with that:
- follow the progress of the construction of your new office anywhere;
- archive daily images of the construction in a database;
- Create a time-lapse film to watch how the construction progressed afterwards.

AnyWi facilitates the entire process: preliminary research, installation, connection, archiving and making the videos . The cameras can be managed remotely. Live images are fairly easy to implement on your own website and can be displayed in various places:
- on the website of the client,
- the architect, the contractor,
- the municipality,
- via screens in a central hall or the visitors center of a town.

Time-lapse videos of the construction can also be used via various channels (youtube, Facebook or Vimeo) and also as a promotional film during an open day or other corporate event. Click here for our webcam projects (in dutch). Contact us without obligation.


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