Research Project SCRATCh

Large-scale IoT systems are difficult to develop and operate in a secure and reliable way. Several platforms exist that promise to deliver the needed technologies and frameworks to integrate devices and backend systems. However, they do not generally address the major concern of IoT systems of tomorrow: Security, adaptability and simple continuous deployment.

Project objectives

SCRATCh proposes an integrative approach to IoT, security and DevOps practices through an architectural and process platform consisting of the following elements:

DevOps IoT toolkit integrating processes and technologies that accelerate development and continuous deployment of IoT solutions. This is based on theDevOps principles and includes security controls, tests and feedback loops, built on top of a secure-by-design architecture

A SecDevOps (Secure DevOps)-inspired process consisting of procedures that actively promote continuous deployment of incremental system upgrades that facilitate security and reliability, based on real-world operational metrics.

AnyWi’s role

AnyWi will contribute to the secure design of networks for IoT devices and gateways, and to the development of tools and methods for secure development and deployment of gateway software, including the value-added services for data collection and distribution to IoT devices in the Connected Retail use case and demonstrator. The communication technologies will be centred on the integration of multiple, heterogeneous channels into a single communication structure to maximise availability and reliability of the IoT network.



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