Masters of complex connectivity

Our main mission is to make wireless IP connections reliable, secure and cost efficient, using different radio technologies and multipath connections.

The distinctive character of AnyWi is in years of experience with wireless communication, extensive research and an international network of experts. Most projects in which AnyWi is involved are business-critical applications with real-time data processing.


The ENISA SCRATCh project aims for a beter IoT security, by making it more easier to create safe IoT devices. A overview of the State of the Art (SotA) is a good starting point. In the Project AnyWi created a databse with an overview of the main standsards and research done by organisations like ENISA, ESCO, OWASP. ETSI.  the overview is available at the SCRATCh web site under the link SOTA left corner.

AnyWi visited the  the Cybersecurity Standardization Conference 2020 on 3 February, this yearly event organized by ENISA was organized to discuss the role of standards in certification schema‚Äôs and assess the progress in cybersecurity standards. The conference started with presentation from ETSI, CEN/CENELC and IEC, although progress was made this did not result in a common accepted Certification schema for IoT, as was echoed in the questions put forward by the participants. It was also clear that the standards bodies where committed to increase their participation. ENISA presented a plan to proceed the development for certification but no clear deadline was committed. Full article


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